Monday, June 04, 2007

Helter Swelter

It's so hot.

I've been dreading the onslaught of the summer heat and humidity ever since we moved here and it's finally reached the boiling point. It's the kind of suffocating heat that makes my glasses fog up every time I leave the confines of an air conditioned building and step outside. I'm just miserably sticky all the time. And for a girl who doesn't like to shower, this is pure torture. (Um, I guess I've probably never mentioned before that I don't like to shower. Once I'm actually clean again, I feel great, but there is always some sort of mental road block that keeps me from showering as often as I should. And I really, really prefer to sleep in. Maybe I should have kept that little secret of mine under wraps. Oh well. You know how this blog-thing of mine makes me eager to reveal humiliating bits and pieces of my everyday behavior.)

It's just so icky, sticky outside. Some days it just makes me crabby. But usually it just makes me thirsty. Good thing there are more than 400 7-11s in this city. Practically one on every corner. Too bad the slushy machine craze hasn't made it across the pond yet.

In other news, my very funny mother sent me this brilliant hat to go with my eye patch. She's such a hoot!

Also, we had a GREAT time with Brad and Amy last week. They are moving to Santiago, Chile in just over a week to begin their own international adventures. Can't wait to visit them!

And wherever you are right now, breath in some cool, stale air-conditioned air and think of me.


mattkirkland said...

I still maintain that it's more like 600 7-11 stores here.


ooh, even more:
wikipedia says over 700!

Andi said...

seriously, what good is a 7-11 without the slushies??? they might as well be duane reades or walgreens.

i hate the boiling heat too. i want spring & fall all year long.

Emily Cox said...

It it 55 degrees here in Seattle. Maybe you should consider moving here!

Kelli said...

listening to you go on about being sticky and unshowered reminds me of hot summer afternoons in the back of a very small flower shop...I can almost smell the monkey cages now! It sure makes me miss you even more!!! ;))

John Hendrix said...

So you don't like to shower? I would have left that one in the closet.

Is it the few unplesant moments of adjustment right as you get in? Do you like swimming?

And for my dirty secret: I don't like flossing.

Anonymous said...

i get it!

its like


paul would be proud

i miss you guys

matt kirkland said...

Good thing I love you so much, or else I might smack ya, mr smarty pants.

I'm with you on the year round spring/fall thing.

Seattle ranks up there with Denmark as the land of my dreams. Nice and cool and rainy. So delightful!

Ah, the monkey cages. Those were the days.

Yeah, I just never know when to stop with the online confessions.

You, as always, are my hero! Keep Rockin', Keep Readin'!

Crabby Rangoon said...

oops, that last comment was from crabby, not matt.

Dani said...

You're going to have friends living in Chile?!?!? I assume you're soooooooooooooo going to visit them?! :)

I honestly do not think I've been in a 7-11 for at least 3 years or more?!?! How is that possible? I need a slushie. I'm sorry you can't have one. That is sad.