Thursday, May 24, 2007


It could have been the classic set-up for some serious wailing and gnashing of teeth, but conveniently BOTH of us forgot today was our anniversary. Our 4th anniversary, to be exact.

Let me explain.

Our bestest friends in the whole wide world are landing on Chinese soil in just a few short hours. Matt and I had already agreed to officially celebrate after they leave next week. Needless to say we were a bit distracted today in anticipation of their visit. But regardless, we're both pitiful. Good thing we love each other so much. We treat everyday like our anniversary.

So, Happy Anniversary to the Dingbats who forgot their own anniversary:


LauraLunch said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! At least both of you forgot and not just one of you and you didn't really forget anyway, you just postponed it. Have fun with B&A!! I'm so happy they got to visit you.

Jane said...

FOUR YEARS?! Doesn't seem possible! Anyway, happy anniversary and happy times with Brad and Amy!

Crystal said...

Has it really been four years??? How!?!? Well, hope its a good one and have a WONDERFUL time with Brad and Amy...can't wait to see the pics!!

Kelli said...

Bob and I will also postpone our anniversary celebrations until next week. Our Anniversary is tomorrow, May 25th. It will be four wonderful years for us, too! I hope that you are blessed with as much happiness over the next 4 times 20 years or more!! Enjoy your visit!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I am grateful for Amy and Brad to stop by my house before their trip.

LauraLunch said...

BTW: Where are you in that picture? There's too much green grass to be HK. You two look lovely.

kjl said...

Happy Anniversary, friends! Beth just remembered today was the big day, so we all just logged on to say HAPPY DAY!!! We miss you guys a ton!!!

(and Jake and Amber and Pat and Kristin too but they're not here!:)

Crabby Rangoon said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Yeah, I know, 4 years. It's been wonderful!

laura--that picture was taken just outside the Walgreens in your old Florissant, MO neighborhood a few months ago.

kelli & bob/beth & james--
And a big happy anniversary to you crazy couples, as well!

pat & kristin--
A big future happy anniversary to you guys, too. We all seem to love memorial day weekend as a wedding date, eh?

Dani said...

... to the Lone Ranger theme... which you're probably too young to know...

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa py Anniversary
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa py Anniversary!

Kelloh said...

wow, sexy curls! happy anniversary!!

I could have swore you were in front of DeSoto Highschool, weird.

LauraLunch said...

Ahh...I guess that's the ol' junior high back there, then. I never would have thought to take a picture there, but it's not Flo that makes it's the two of you!