Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hair Raising


I've always admired women who have the fortitude to wear their long hair down on hot, steamy days. I rarely have the patience. I know that regardless of how long I spend primping, curling, or straigtening my hair, the minute I step outside into the sunlight, it goes right up into a ponytail. In Hong Kong especially, the women always wear their hair down, so every now and then I make a determined effort to do the same. If they can do it, why can't I? Today was one off those days. Moments ago I walked into our apartment, took a quick look in the mirror, and nearly screamed in fright at the fuzzy rat's nest that had settled on my head over the past few hours. Why do I torture myself? I've just got to admit that I'm not one of those women who can look fresh as a daisy in any situation.


Oh, today I did, however, discover an efficient way to keep the crowds at bay in the busy subway and on the streets. Neglecting to put deoderant on in the morning works like a charm. Have no fear, my lovely readers, tonight I will definitely be taking a shower.

*Professional reenactment. Do not attempt this at home.


LauraLunch said...

Your "After" kinda looks like my "Before". When I was in HK, I tried to leave my hair down, too. The farthest I got was noon, and I think it was my loving husband who suggested I give up the fight.

John Hendrix said...

Were you ever in Poison?

Dani said...

The after pic looks like old school Bonnie Raitt. You need to put that stripe in there...

Crabby Rangoon said...


On my honeymoon I went to a fancy salon to get my hair cut and my stylist had once cut Bonnie Raitt's hair, as well. Weird.