Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Was, But Is

Overheard at my 10-year highschool reunion this past weekend:

Girl: So are you coming to the BBQ tomorrow afternoon?
Boy: (In an overt country accent) Nope, I've got to drive to Oklahoma to watch my girlfriend cage fight.
Girl: Oh, um, uh, so is that just a hobby?
Boy: Nope, it brings in a paycheck.
Girl: Um, wow. (Akward pause.) So, how'd you meet a girl that cagefights?
Boy: Well, she's my best friend's brother's wife.


"He wanted to come, but he doesn't get out of jail until Monday. He's really upset he's gonna miss the reunion."


Girl 1: So what have you been up to the last 10 years?
Girl 2: Obviously not growing boobs.