Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blik of an Eye

I always meant to show this off. For Christmas every year, on top of the normal gifts, Matt's parents graciously offer to splurge on one gift per kid/couple. Matt and I ask usually ask for something frivilous and artsy that we would love to own but probably wouldn't shell out the cash for ourselves. This year we asked for a set of Blik wall graphics. They offer a really unique way to spruce our tiny living space filled with colorless, concrete walls (meaning no pictures can be hung). We were thrilled to put ours up. Here's a little glance at what we chose:

(There's my husband in all his bearded glory)

And a close up:

I just LOVE them. Really help to brighten up the place and bring a little county life into the dreariness of big city living. Thanks so much, Doug and Angie!

PS Last year we chose this beautiful little lamp. Wish we had it with us in Hong Kong.


Jane said...

Looks like we could all use a little Blik in our lives. Very cool!

Dani said...

Well that's just snazzy'r'n snot... and looks great on your walls!

DnA are good people.

kjl said...

I love them!! They do add so much to the room! :)

Jane said...

What is Matt eating in that picture? When I clicked on the photo to enlarge it, it kind of looked like Cookie Crisp...but I'm guessing it's some kind of fun cereal we don't have over here.

matt kirkland said...

As best as I can read the chinese characters on the box, it's called Quaker Oat Squid Squares.