Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lazy Weekend

It rained all weekend so Matt and I stayed indoors and lazed about the apartment and happily wallowed in a mess of cookie crumbs, cat hair, taco salad, and scrabble pieces for two straight days. It was heavenly.

I beat Matt soundly.

We broke down and bought all our favorite taco salad fixings at the expensive Western grocery store in our neighborhood. Oh, except for the fabulous Mama Lupe Tortillas, which came hand delivered last week all the way from Moundridge, KS (Thanks, Mom! Oh, and Brad and Amy!).

And just when we thought we were too bored to stay indoors a minute longer, Quincy began a little dance routine for us. It was riveting.

All in all a fantastic weekend.

PS Sorry about the cat video. Really I am. I know you will never have those 27 seconds back again. I promise to curb my enthusiasm for lame cat videos. Um, for at least a month. Or so.


Jane said...

As long as the cat hair wasn't IN the taco salad, that sounds like one heck of an awesome weekend!

John and I were supposed to make it to Lawrence this past weekend, but some big, stupid computer glitch caused our flight (and therefore our whole trip) to be cancelled. Although I was sad at first, I got over it when we found out we could then attend the Madison Square Park Big Apple Barbecue Block Party instead. And Lawrence will still be there when we take our rescheduled trip in a couple weeks...unless some big tornado comes....which would be awful. Okay, enough rambling.

John Hendrix said...

MMMMMMMM!!!! Tacos!

I love western food. I'm eating an extra bag of fritos tomorrow in your honor.

LauraLunch said...

Mmmm. Taco Salad. Maybe I should make that for dinner this week. Your cookies looked pretty yummy, too!

Crabby Rangoon said...


Yes, they were very yummy. Molasses cookies, my favorite. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in town that's bought molasses from that grocery store in the last 6 months.