Friday, June 08, 2007

On Being Useful

Tonight Matt looked down at the cat sitting peacefully on his chest and said:

"Quincy, I wish we could teach you how to be useful. It sure would be helpful if you could hold my beer."

I hope this isn't any indication of what "useful" things he might someday try to teach our children.


Andi said...

children are more useful for fetching things, throwing things away & waking daddies up. they're also very good at emptying the dishwasher if you don't mind things being put in random places.

randall never said...

Isaac's getting pretty good at it.

John Hendrix said...

Dude, the only reason I had kids in the first place was the dishwasher loading perks. I was mistaken.

matt kirkland said...

You mean kids aren't as useful as I'm planning? That's disappointing to hear from all you parents.

I mean, Quincy can never balance the checkbook right, but I thought at least real children could handle it.

Nathan said...

Okay. That was funny.