Sunday, July 08, 2007

Social Networking Gone Askew

Last night while dining out with Matt and our new friend, Hanna, at this tasty Mediterranean restaurant, I happened to mention that I just joined facebook and was very excited to have 37 friends. Further into the conversation I tangled my words a bit and referred to it as "myface," mixing the popular sites myspace and facebook into one word. Suddenly we spawned this fantastic idea that should be the social networking community for the elderly. Old people are always messing up their references anyway, right? So this way they could impress their grandkids by saying, "Junior, I just joined myface! I'm hip hop, too, now!" It would be the hottest online geriatric destination, with a tagline of "my face used to look like this [insert handsome highschool pic from 50 years prior], but now it looks like this [insert present day pic]." We think it would really take off.

Perhaps you just had to be there.

Regardless, I dragged you, my lovely readers, through this story just to say that when I got home and hopped online to see if really exists, it does. And it looks like it's a site for vampires. Socially-networking vampires. Check out this picture from the homepage:

Clearly those people are vampires. Perhaps they sprinkle in a few normal people in the photo as a way to lure unsuspecting victims, but they two in front are most certainly vampires. Ok, enough shenanigans.


LauraLunch said...

Hey, Vampires need social networking, too.

kjl said...

I'm with you, Erika. Just the way those people seem to be walking towards us menacingly kind of creeps me out. I think them being vampires is the only logical explanation!

Andi said...

the blond guy is surely a vampire. creepy.