Friday, July 20, 2007


Matt and I took one last trip into Shenzhen (the city in mainland China just across the border from Hong Kong) to do some shopping and spend the last of our Chinese money. Here are some highlights from our day:

A very beautiful day! This is just outside the Lohu mall, notorious for it's knock-off designer handbags and copy DVDs. Kind of ironic to see 2 policemen out front.

Our friend, Adam, paying for a fresh cocount. They chop a hole in the top and hand you a straw. Not bad for $0.75.


This lady from a t-shirt shop insisted on taking my picture. So I took hers in return.

My favorite moment from the day was witnessing this chubby little kid eat an ice-cream and candy treat the size of his head with chopsticks. Priceless!


Jane said...

Erika, your blog has been even more extraordinarily extraordinary lately. Between planning the wedding and checking your blog, I am getting very little done at work!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

I love reading your material as well! It's been so much fun! I love your quirky comments and your great pics!

I have to comment on your "chubby little kid" remark. I just think it's funny to read since here we would probably consider that kid skinny! It's crazy how "chubby" many kids are back here in the U.S.!! Maybe we should all eat our ice cream with chopsticks!