Friday, July 13, 2007

HK's Top Ten

I realized that in a mere ten days from now, Matt and I will be boarding a plane heading to North America. Only 10 days left in HK! So in honor of this lovely city we've called home for the last year, I'm going to pay homage by giving you the HK's Top Ten over the next 10 days. It begins today. Enjoy!


kjl said...

Looking forward to the top 10, and looking forward to seeing you guys! :)

holybovine said...

Erika, I'm just catching up for the months of June and July and wow, I'm speechless. Can't say I'm sorry, though, that you'll be back in the states. Best of luck to Matt in his new endeavor and to both of you living in the wide open spaces of San Diego. Travel safely. Keep in touch. And yes, I'll keep up with "Sandy Eggo"'s blog.