Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Lotto

So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday resulted in winning 2 extra tickets, but still no more cold, hard cash. One thing worth mentioning is just how darn friendly all the gas station attendants usually are. Everyone of them wishes me good luck when I buy my daily ticket. My favorite guy will sometimes even hold the ticket I just bought up to his ear and shake it a bit, telling me it's very lucky before handing it to me. Maybe he's listening for that familiar rustle of all the dollar bills hidden within the card. Hmmmm...not sure what to make of that. It makes things interesting, at least.

I can't decide if I'm becoming addicted yet or not. It is rather disappointing losing all the time. That could keep me from making it a permanent fixture in my daily routine. We'll just have to wait and see.

Total Spent: $16
Total Won: 6 Tickets + $6


Linden said...

I should have spoken up sooner, but I am loving this! I'm not bored at all. In fact, I look forward to the updates.

Your posts are funny (especially the "hips" story!) and I love the photography. While I like the bills in your ears, my absolute favorite so far as been the lottery ticket stuck to your forehead. Laughed so hard!

Dorothy said...

With all of the talk about a recession I might join the Lotto club!!

John Hendrix said...

Next ticket! Please buy more soon!

Dani said...

I know what you mean! If I buy a Powerball ticket when I stop for gas, the attendant always wishes me luck or makes some sort of verbal blessing at the ticket before giving it to me. I love that. Maybe they just want us to remember them and tip them if we win.