Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Starting to Think This Could Be a Scam

So far Chicago has not proved itself to be a profitable place to play the lotto. Two days in this city and no big money. Although you might think that there's not much to scratch tickets, thus far, Chicago has the most satisfying scratchers I've encountered. The games yield the best suspense. When you've scratched as many lottery tickets as I have in the past month, you come to realize there a many fine nuances to scratch tickets. Some are just clearly more fun than others.

This is staged. I don't condone littering.

Total Spent: $21
Total Won: 7 Tickets + $6


Dani said...

But look how pretty you look in the picture!

kjl said...

I've always thought lottery tickets were pretty worthless--a scam is a good description. As they always say, the lottery is just an extra tax on the mathematically challenged!! :)

Laura Gosa said...

at least you're losing in style. look at that great jacket! and that hat from the post before! you are too cool.