Monday, March 24, 2008


Stylish, yet not snow-proof shoe wear

Matt and I got back last night from our 5-day excursion to Chicago. I'd been there once before, but I somehow forgot what a beautiful, established city it is. The architecture is stunning, especially when covered with a lovely dusting of snow.

Lovely Lion

It's been nearly two years since I've frolicked in the snow and it was absolutely fantastic. I know it's been an especially harsh winter for many of my fellow Americans this year and it probably sounds hollow coming from a girl who spends many of her days basking in the lovely San Diego sunshine, however, I REALLY miss cold weather--especially snow. I find innate joy in seeing my breath on a cold, frosty morning. I firmly believe that I look best in layers. Bikini beach weather is rather lost on a sun-sensitive gal like myself. I get sunburned just thinking about it. Maybe after four months of winter, I too would be ready for the soft breezes of spring, but regardless, it was great to spend a few days enjoying the cold.

Happy in the Snow

A lovely little store, managed by a former KU grad

Amy and Brad were lovely hosts and we spent lots of time lounging amidst their half-unpacked moving boxes and staying up waaaay too late. We ate alot (including Chicago-style hotdogs!), laughed even more, and watched lots and lots of basketball on their new flat-screen TV. They've got a great apartment, complete with a view directly into the new Trump Tower ballroom. Pretty fantastic. It was also wonderful meeting up with our friends, Adam and Jessica, whom sadly we have no pictures of. I can't wait to go back and visit soon!

Brad and Amy b eing adorable


matt kirkland said...

Two comments on those photos:

1. Walking through wet slush puddles with only thin canvas covering your feet was a bad, bad idea.

2. How good does Brad's beard look? Very good.

Beth said...

I have to say...I love the warm weather and actually DON'T miss the cold! But it's friends like you that can at least help me to appreciate adorable bundled up pictures and heart-shaped snow figures all the same :)

Dorothy said...

Trust me after a winter of the inept Louisville snow removal you would appreciate the warm weather more. Although I am not sure I have ever gotten so many "snow" days at a corporate company before. I got to leave early twice this year. So it is a love, hate relationship.