Sunday, January 07, 2007


On Thursday our first official house guests arrived in Hong Kong. Matt's dad, mom, and littlest sister flew from St Louis for a week and a half long visit. So, hence the blog hiatus. I thought it would be easy to just shoot off a quick post each evening, but we've done so much sightseeing that I've been completely zonked by the time we stumble home each night. Here's a few pictures from the trip so far. If I'm a bit more alert when we get in tonight I'll post some more. [Man, this blog is just turning into one excuse after another as to why I'm not posting anything.] I've also had several requests for "Christmas in Hong Kong" photos so keep an eye out for those. Hope you're all doing fantastic!


Um, ok, I just tried to load the pictures and the internet isn't responding. I'll try again tonight.

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Dani Mann said...

Yea! Tell them all I said Hello!! ...and to bring me something back... even if it's just a Chinese rock! xoxo