Monday, January 29, 2007

Scratch Fever

I love scratch cards almost as much as I love pageants. (It's weird that my love for pageants has become a unit of measurement for everything else that I enjoy.) I always try to make the suspense last as long as possible, slowly dragging the coin or key or whatever blunt instrument I use to scrape away the metallic crumbles, revealing the treasures underneath. Regardless of whether I win or lose, I always want more. Our neighborhood grocery store has started to give away Chinese New Year themed scratch cards for every $50HKD (about $6USD) spent. It's fantastic. Everyday I make up some new reason to go to the grocery store to spend $50 and get another scratch card. Yesterday I went twice. We now have so many 5L bottles of water in our apartment there is barely room to walk in the kitchen (which I guess isn't actually that many considering how small our kitchen is). I had the same problem when McDonald's came out with it's Monopoly game pieces. Not exactly scratch cards, but you still got to slowly peel back the wrapper to find the hidden coupon for a free Jr. Whopper, etc. I just can't get enough.

To underscore the extent of my love for these grocery store scratch cards, let me tell you about some of the fabulous prizes I haven't won:

-A bottle of Amoy Supreme Seafood Soy Sauce 150mL
-A pack of Garden Saltine Sesame Crackers 210gm
-A pack of Cadbury Chocette Dairy Milk 45gm
-A pack of Colgate MaxFresh Green Tea Toothpaste 160gm
-A box of First Choice Ultra Box Tissues
-A bottle of YUMURA Body Design Soy Milk 480mL
-$88,000 HKD worth of gold (whatever that means)

So in retrospect, maybe the joy of the scratch card itself outweighs those fabulous prizes. Why do I always think I just might be the next big winner? I'm such a sucker. That said, I'm off to the grocery store to spend a cool $50. Anyone need anything while I'm out?


matt said...

That's very sneaky of McDonalds to give away coupons for free Burger King Whoppers. Tricky Ronald!

amber said...

Hmmmm...I'm thinking Cadbury Chocette Dairy Milk sure sounds like actual milk, not "milk drink" like you blogged about a few months ago. Actually, it sounds like something far better--chocolate milk. Does it have gross egg yolk look-alike swirled into it? All that aside, I'm with you on the excitement of getting free stuff (scratch ticket or not), even if you don't absolutely need/use it. Countless unused bonus gifts (GW/P) from the cosmetic counter currently reside in the cupboard under my bathroom sink.

LauraLunch said...

I started to say that was better than GW's new habit of buying "Scratcher" tickets (the kind where you can win Millions), but since you have to buy them with cash and GW never has cash, he's always going to the grocery store and coming home with weird things like one pack of pizza rolls, or a single serve bag of chips...oh yeah and a losing scratcher ticket. So I guess you guys are about the same. At least you're buying healthy stuff.

Jane said...

Good catch, Matt! Perhaps Erika was away from McDonald's for TOO long...she can't even remember their signature sandwich!

Oh, by the way, Erika, Miss America was on yesterday, but I had to miss it because I don't have cable and it's now on CMT. CMT?! What's up with that? I did get to see a pre-pageant reality show called "Pageant School" this weekend. Miss Arkansas was named Pageant School Queen. It was fabulous. :)

kjl said...

Had we known you loved those scratch cards so much, we would have put a bunch of lottery tickets in your care package a few months ago! Of course, then if you actually had won something, it might have been a little difficult to cash them in!

ckhnat said...

green tea toothpaste?!! that sounds fab!!!

Crabby Rangoon said...


If I score a free tube, I'd be happy to mail it to you!