Friday, January 26, 2007

Crowd Control

Tonight I think there were more people trying to cram themselves onto my subway car than there are people in Kansas. (I just checked the facts, and my exaggeration may not have been so far off, as there are more than twice the number of people living in the city of Hong Kong than in the entire state of Kansas!) Every night on my commute home from work, taking the MTR (as the subway system is known here) is a major lesson in patience. (If you refer to my New Year's post, it's kinda like that every night down on the train platforms, minus the drum circle.) My shiny new Ipod Shuffle helps alot, though--this evening it was just me and Feist taking it easy on the ride home.

Honestly, riding the MTR is one of my favorite things about Hong Kong. I love public transportation, and this city has got it aplenty. And it's all quite clean and affordable. It sure beats paying for gas and car insurance, not to mention the occasional fender bender. Now my fender only gets bent when the Hong Kong crowds get rambunctious. I now understand why the good Lord blessed Asians with the skinny gene--it's so that 6,000 of them can successfully push and shove their way into one subway car!

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holybovine said...

Too many of those 24-hour McDonalds breakfasts may diminish the passenger capacity on those subway cars.