Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas Wishful Thinking

I'm afraid the post about Christmas in Hong Kong is going the way of this year's Christmas cards--not yet written, and never going to be written. This post has been hanging over my head like rotten mistletoe and I don't feel like I have permission (from myself, of course) to post another blog until I write this one. And since that is definitely not going to happen, the next best thing is to give you all a friendly little link to our flickr photo site to view them for yourselves. Of course you won't have my witty comments to guide you though them, but I'm sure you'll manage. Here's the link.

Take a look around the site. We've posted alot of pictures recently, including some from Matt's family's recent visit. You might have to dig a little to find the Christmas ones, but more likely than not, my super-organized husband has probably labeled them and put them in their own special folder. He's very talented like that. Enjoy!


emily said...

We don't need your witty comments. We'll add our own. Laura and I are good that way.

Crabby Rangoon said...

Excellent! I love when you guys add flickr comments.

Dani said...

Holy crap?!?! Hong Kong has TONS more fun with their Christmas decorations than we do!!!