Monday, October 16, 2006

Meet Jennifer Hawkins

This woman is everywhere in Hong Kong! Billboards, television ads, on the side of buses, and most recently they started to play her ads in the subway. The ads are for the Grand Waterfront property development--providing upscale luxury living like Hong Kong has (supposedly) never seen before. Of course the ad campaign doesn't really show you the apartments (because even though I'm sure they are obnoxiously expensive, they are probably still less than 800 sq ft, and who wants to see that?), but instead focus all the frenzy on Miss Jennifer Hawkins, the featured starlette. And as with any oft-played commercial, you start to feel resentful for all the time and energy it spends whirling over and over through your mind.

Each of the ads announce her as Miss Universe, and knowing my love of pageants, of course I had to do an investigation into just who this Jennifer Hawkins character is. A quick google search led to a Wikipedia article, which in turn led to some further juicy tidbits. Apparantly our little Miss Hawkins isn't just famous for her stint as Miss Universe, but also got quite a bit of coverage (or lack there of...pun intended) for her part in a mall fashion show in her home country of Australia.

(Disclaimer: I am not a fan of vulgar videos, but I found this one to be quite innocent, not to mention downright hilarious. )


I take a little guilty pleasure in seeing the rich and beautiful blundering things up a bit. Be honest, I know you do too. And this is exactly why I crack up everytime Jennifer Hawkins' face whizzes by on the side of a bus. I just can't help myself.


matt said...

I'd like to point out to the jury that Erika's not exaggerating at all here.

I see this woman's face dozens (if not hundreds) of times a day, on buses, billboards, posters, magzines, newspapers, even video screens in the subway. I can hum you the music to just about all 60 seconds of that ad, and probably I could sing you the songs from her other ones, too.

lukas wetzel said...

I did not just watch that video like fifteen times. I swear.

I know what it can be like to see the same woman's face a ton of times in an advert. When I lived in Bonn, there was a poster near me advertising "Bridget Jones' Diary." Only it was called, "Bridget Jones: Schokolade zum Fruhstuck." When I asked someone who'd seen the movie what that referred to, they said she doesn't eat chocolate in the movie at all, especially not for breakfast. It's a mystery.

A final note: Matt, if you would be as so kind as to hum me 60 seconds of that add, I'll see what I can do about getting you a record deal. I know tons of people in the industry. Tons.

kjl said...

I have to say I was a little alarmed when I watched the ad campaign you discussed and saw that the next video on YouTube mentioned the "wardrobe malfunction" of Jennifer Hawkins. I was picturing another Janet Jacksonish disaster, but this one was really quite funny!