Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meant to Be

Some days I'm just not sure about this whole living in Hong Kong business. I mean, really, who moves to Hong Kong? Ok, so lots and lots of people move to Hong Kong--but me? What the jimmy are we doing here? But when I'm feeling a bit bewildered about all of this, I need only look at the ground to realize that, yes, this is where we should be right now. These lovely pothole/street covers are everywhere. Puts a grin on my face everytime.

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Dani said...

Sooo... you listed a washing machine but no dryer? Have I got that right? Will you be hanging things on a line out of a window... or just across the shower? Cause shower's are handy for that... truly... I have neither a washer or a dryer in my apt... so I know. Radiators are very snazzy clothes dryers in the winter... but I guess that doesn't help you.

The manhole covers are stunning and definitely a good omen I'm sure... counteracting that whole 13th floor thing. I'm not superstitious... I think it would rock to live on the 13th floor. I love the color of the kitchen cabinets too!!!! I mean truly I do... very fun.

My favorite has to be the upside-down bowties though. That's the best ever. I would have rented an apartment based on that alone.