Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Desperate Times...

(Imagine this conversation being spoken in Cantonese. This conversation is purely fictional, but a similar one may have very likely occurred today at the Park n' Shop at the Kwai Fong subway stop.)

Customer #1: Did you see her?
Customer #2: Who?
Customer #1: That strange white girl in aisle 5.
Customer #2: Oh yeah, the one tightly clutching those boxes of macaroni and cheese?
Customer #1: Yeah, her. I always wondered who bought that stuff.
Customer #2: Yeah, me too. What a weirdo.
Customer #1: Yeah.


Andi said...

i love picturing you buying loads of mac&cheese in hong kong.

Emily said...

Erika, I am so serious, I've been meaning to ask you this. If there is anything we can send you from the Schnucks down the street, you name it. We'll send it. Canned pumpkin for some pumpkin pies to break in your new "oven". Some Cap'n Crunch... anything!