Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guest Post: Menu Delights

Hey folks, Matt here. I've got a list for you.

Things on the menu at U.B.C. Coffee, the only restaurant at the Fu Yong Passenger Ferry Terminal in Bao An, China:

- Mexican Passion Coffee
- Tortoise's Efficacious Lotion
- Pearl Milk Tea with Mung Bean
- Tuna Fish Waffle
- Salt & Pepper Frog Small Chop
- Fish's Circle Particularly of The Fragile Cover Small Chop
- Sichuan-Style Pork of Fragrant Explosion
- The Matrimony Vine Pumpkin
- The Pineapple is Fried The Bean Curd
- Ovaltine


Crabby Rangoon said...

Umm...I had no idea what Matt was going to post and this is AWESOME!!! Engrish is my favorite. Anyone up for some fish waffles, or maybe some nicely cooked fragrant circle? Hmmmm....tasty.

Chad Krizan said...

I'd like to try the tortoise lotion.

Emily said...

I'll stick to the Ovaltine.

"Be sure to drink your Ovaltine? Son of a ..."

LauraLunch said...

I want the Matrimony Vine Pumpkin!'re so funny. Poor Ralphie.

Matt...have you actually tried any of this?

Andi said...

i love it. i could read this post over & over & over.

NJ Speks said...

More Ovaltine PLEASE!!!!

kjl said...

Honestly, I think I might try "The Pineapple is Fried The Bean Curd"! You really can't go wrong with pineapple as far as I'm concerned. The pork of "Fragrant Explosion" sounds intriguing as well!

Dorothy said...

sounds fanfabulous. guy at work taught me that word...he said he made it up, but I am skeptical.