Monday, August 17, 2009

A Woman in My Condition

Well, folks, week 32 has arrived and my belly button is threatening daily to claim it's rightful place on my torso as my third nipple. Our little one has officially been dubbed "a squirmer" by our doctor and has taken up permanent residence under the right side of my ribcage. If I didn't already know that the baby is head down, I'd be convinced that all that jabbing and kicking was coming from it's prominent chin, rather than it's restless legs. (One look at Matt's and my profile and you'll understand that our precious kiddo is bound to have a Leno-rivaling chin.)

I'm still feeling quite well, although I'm entering what I fondly refer to as "the uncomfortable stage." As cliche as it sounds, I can't quite remember what my feet look like and look forward to re-acquainting myself with them. I'm feeling pretty cumbersome these days, and occasionally I sit down on the floor only to realize it will be hours before I'll be able to stand up again (as I have to wait for Matt to get home from work and help me up). I've still got a healthy appetite and am the proud owner of 30 extra pounds (thus far). I don't own a scale, so it's always a surprise what I'll discover when I lumber onto the scale at the doctor's office. Needless to say it keeps things interesting.

I've been enjoying some of the extra perks that come with the burgeoning belly. The other day I snagged a table while out to dinner because the man who had been sitting there insisted that "a woman in my condition" should sit, and graciously gave up his spot in the crowded restaurant. I managed to score first row seats on our flight to Kansas a few weeks ago, and even if a place posts "no public restrooms", they don't put up a fuss if I request to use the facilities. And if I so much as try to lift a grocery bag these days, a swarm of people surrounds me insisting that they help me carry the load. It's so bizarre. No complaints, though. The perks are nice.

Matt and I are watching our apartment slowly give in to a mountain of baby "stuff" and we've stuck a list to the fridge to remind ourselves of all that we have left to do (as if my belly groans weren't reminder enough!) before our little one makes his/her appearance. Highlights include scheduling a hospital tour, reupholstering a vintage rocking chair (our first ebay furniture purchase!), buying a swaddling blanket, figuring out a baby bathtub solution (anyone got tips on how we can avoid purchasing one of those giant, obnoxious blue or pink tubs with the seatbelt?), and making the used crib we bought smell better.

Needless to say, we've still got some prep to do.

I'm pretty sure the baby will be overdue, but we've had enough friends deliver early that we thought we should try to have the basics ready. I know several women who have the entire nursery ready within weeks of finding out they are pregnant--I am not like that. I've been living with a healthy dose of denial up until this point (not that I'm having a baby, but that I actually need to have stuff ready for when the wee one arrives). It's time to get my rear in gear.

Matt and I are SO excited to meet this baby, so part of me really wants the last 8 weeks to fly by, even though I know it marks the end of my life (and sleeping habits) as I currently know it. But as every parent keeps telling me, it will be the hardest and best thing that's ever happened to me, so I'm really quite eager to start the adventure!


Andi said...

We didn't set up Annie's crib until she was 4 months old, so,'re way ahead in my book! And, she was 6 days late.

We have a big, plastic bathtub, but it really is great & for both our babes, rather indespensible. We hang it at the end of our shoer behind the curtain. It's not really in the way at all.

ThiessenTwosome said...

A tradition over here in Japan when peeps get married is to break open a sake cask together, and then use the thing for a baby bath later (once all of the sake is gone, of course)'s a photo of one I took at a wedding:

I bet you could find one on ebay...they're made of lovely wood and are super sturdy! Best part, they don't look anything like a baby bath and you can use it for other goodness later !!

Dana and Tonya said...

My friend adopted a baby from India and spent 5 months there trying to finish the adoption. She learned to wash the baby with her positioned on top of her legs with nice warm cups of water. No baby tub needed, just a little extra physical work. It's a little hard to explain, but she did not get wet, just the baby.

Beth said...

This post made me so excited for you and all your hard work for your baby soon to arrive! We're praying for you guys, Squirmer included :) We miss you, and I hope we can catch up soon. Good luck!

LauraW said...

I bet you could find a bucket of some sort at Ikea that would do the trick, but heck, what do I know? :-)

Dani said...

Shoot... This post almost made me want to have a baby... but mostly just happy that you're having one! :)

You could play it old school and wash the kid in the kitchen sink... I'm just sayin'...

Lori said...

I have a tub that is similar to this.
It was a nice gift, but I don't really care for it. My little guy seems to sink into the sling so I have the hardest time getting his crevices clean.
However, I think this type looks promising.
Or even something as simple as
I hope that helps! :) Good luck! Oh, Gage is over 3 months and his room isn't completely ready yet. I figure I'll get motivated once it's time for him to move in there.

Rebecca said...

Good luck with the little bambino and getting all the stuff ready! As long as the baby is fed and diapered, the rest of the stuff can wait... :)

I am also in denial about preparing for my 3rd little one. I know I need to figure out moving the other 2 kids around and also try to go find some baby stuff since I had declared with gusto just last year that I was "done having babies!" which then prompted me to have a major garage sale, after which I immediately started wanting another baby...go figure... :)