Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Was, But Is

Overheard at my 10-year highschool reunion this past weekend:

Girl: So are you coming to the BBQ tomorrow afternoon?
Boy: (In an overt country accent) Nope, I've got to drive to Oklahoma to watch my girlfriend cage fight.
Girl: Oh, um, uh, so is that just a hobby?
Boy: Nope, it brings in a paycheck.
Girl: Um, wow. (Akward pause.) So, how'd you meet a girl that cagefights?
Boy: Well, she's my best friend's brother's wife.


"He wanted to come, but he doesn't get out of jail until Monday. He's really upset he's gonna miss the reunion."


Girl 1: So what have you been up to the last 10 years?
Girl 2: Obviously not growing boobs.


John Hendrix said...

I was laughing out loud at that first one.

Dana and Tonya said...

Too wonderful. I'm so glad you shared.

kjl said...

Wow. Just wow.

ThiessenTwosome said...

GAWD!!! That was the BEST reunion ever!!!!!!!! I can't wait to heed the my new cage-fighting call!!! Love you Erika and thank you for all of your amazing help (especially sweeping out the shed while we watched and drank beers...sheesh~!)!!!

lola said...

wait, wait, wait. this guys girlfriend is also his best friend's brother's wife? huh?

Rebecca said...

I second kjl....wow....
what does a person say to all that? :) But it gave me my laugh for the day, that's for sure!