Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Years

Matt and Erika, 1999

Ten years ago today, Matt and I met on our first day of classes as lowly freshmen on the campus of the University of Kansas. We had two classes together that first semester--Honors English and Art History (although he wasn't aware that that I was in his Art Histroy class until a few weeks after stalking him in the large lecture hall and knowing his every move, I "happened to bump into him" and say, "Matt! I didn't know you were in this class! What a fun surprise!", or something as equally lame.) We started dating a month or two into the semester and the rest is, as they say, history.

Matt, thanks for the best ten years of my life. I love you SO MUCH! You're the best travel companion ever, you make me laugh all the time, you're absolutely brilliant, and you're going to be the best gosh-darn dad in the world! I am your biggest fan. The next ten are bound to be just as lovely, I'm sure of it!

Matt and Erika, 2009


photograbock said...

Congratulations! FELICIDADES!!!!! おめでとう!(omedetou)

To many, many more...and I remember meeting Matt for the first time around 1999 (because you two weren't dating yet and we were all in college) at the apartment you shared with Amy in Lawrence!! Good times! Glad you guys snagged one another!

Beth said...

CUTE! Congratulations, and here's to 10 more (at least :)

kjl said...

So cute--congrats on 10 years of togetherness! :)

carolyn said...

congratulations to one of my favorite couples!! you two are so perfect for each other!

Rebecca said...

congrats!!! Hope you all have 50 more years together! (at least!)

James said...

Way to go, you two!

Loved that first photo, by the way. Well, and the second one too.