Friday, March 30, 2007

A Quick Hello

I know I've been a little distant lately, so I just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello! Just a few days after our friends left, new visitors arrived. We've been tromping around the city with Matt's sister Laura and her husband Greg. So I haven't been near a computer much lately. Furthermore, I got really busy, ended 1 job, took another, and then ended a different one. My life is sorting itself out a bit. As usual, this post is full of mystery and lots of excuses. I'll go more into detail when I feel like it.


Beth said...

Well, WOW!! Lots sounds like it is going on! Hope the job switcharoos haven't been too stressful or anything.
We can't wait to catch up :) Glad you've had plenty of friends around to hop around HK w/you!!

Kristin said...

Pat and I are VERY excited to see you guys! Let us know if you have any specific food requests for Sunday evening! :)