Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"I'm Molding..." (said like the wicked witch of the east from the wizard of oz as she's melting into oblivion)

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I understand I live in a humid climate. I understand that on any given day there can be 99.9% humidty. I understand that I need to just deal with it. Perhaps my saving grace is that I have naturally curly hair that thrives in a humid environment. Call me blessed. Fine. But as my blog name suggests, do not expect me to be happy about it. Sometimes I can't just put on my happy-go-lucky face and deal with it. I adore rainy days, and am eagerly anticipating my first official "rainy season." But come on, if it's gonna be humid, it might as well rain already. It's like winters in Kansas when it's a gazillion degrees below zero and yet it refuses to snow. I think many people could handle the chill in the air alot more if there were a frosty blanket of glimmering snow to accompany the freezing temperatures. AmI right, folks? Somehow seeing snow makes cold weather seems worth the trouble. That's how I feel about humid days. They'd be much more delightful if they were accompanied by rain.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about today. I've got mold on the brain. What I meant to say above was that I undestand that living in a hot, humid climate has its perks and its downfalls. Obviously I'm focusing on it's downfalls to day. So let me get directly to the point:


Oh! It's so gross. The walls, the window ledges, the kitchen sink, the shower curtains, the towels in the bathrooms, etc. All molding. Yech! Thankfully we bought a dehumidifier a few months ago. For the most part we just use it when trying to dry clothes, but as we're entering the rainy season in HK, we may have to start running it 24-7. It seems crazy to me that the next time we go back to visit Kansas, the air will probably feel dry to us. And Kansas has it's humid moments, that's for sure.

Perhaps the biggest kicker came a few weeks ago when I opened my shoe closet only to discover all my sandals and flip flops were ripe and fuzzy with mildew. Moldy shoes are the worst! (Lucky for me green is my favorite color.) The weird thing is that it's not even a proper closet, but rather a shelf in our bedroom that I put "doors" on. So there's quite a bit of air circulation occuring.

Our actual closet is another story, though. It has proper doors and sure holds that moisture in tight. It's so gross to feel fresh and clean after a shower, only to put on a damp, musty shirt. Put I don't have a choice. They don't take to kindly to nudity around here. This is a pretty modest society. Technically, anytime I'm wearing something from our closet (which is everything I own), you could say that I'M molding. Ewww...I don't like to think about that.

Anyway, I'm bound to get over it soon enough. But for now you've got to deal with my crabbiness. I take heart knowing that everyone else in HK has the same problem. (Does it reflect poorly on me knowing that I enjoy when others are suffering just as much as me?) I guess we're all in this together.


LauraLunch said...

As my friend, Jackie, would say: "Shnikes!" (Pronounced like Nike Shoes with a "sh" at the beginning.)

Anonymous said...

You should talk to my wife. All her things are molding as well.


kjl said...

Next summer when I start to complain about the crazy Lawrence humidity, I promise I will stop myself and instead be thankful that I don't live in HK! I'm so sorry!! ICK!

Crabby Rangoon said...


Do I know your wife?

Dani said...

I just don't know how I'd react to mold in my shoes.

Humidity makes me much crabbier than a rangoon. My hair does not thrive. I'm going to have to weigh all this out while choosing when to visit of course... :)