Saturday, December 16, 2006

Working Woman

Did I ever happen to mention that I got a job? Well, 2 jobs, and a volunteer position, so I kind of have 3 jobs. Those of you who know me well, know that I prefer part-time jobs to full-time positions. Even if I end up working the same number of hours (which I usually don't, thank goodness), I just like knowing that I don't have to do the same thing all-day, every day. I like a little variety in my life. Oh, and I like staying home, too. You get to do that more often when you're a slacker like me. Fortunately, I've been blessed with a very supportive husband who doesn't mind that I pursue my dream of being a super-duper florist (which currently pays peanuts) while he works hard to bring in the majority of our income.

So, as I started to say, I finally got a few jobs. I'm working about 15-20 hours a week at a hip little flower shop in Causeway Bay (on Hong Kong Island). They also specialize in some designer-y home decor items. I would love to mention the name, but as I may want to talk about work every now and then on my blog, it's probably in my best interest to keep that information to myself. I met the shop owner at a floral workshop I attended back in October. We sat next to each other, and when she found out I was looking for a job she told me to stop by the shop and check it out. And the rest is history, as they say.

My other part-time job is working with a friend I made through church who owns a silk-flower export business. I help her a few hours a week updating and re-decorating her showroom. She's sort of created a mini-position for me, which is great, and over the next few months we are going to try to create some new products. I'm basically her "trend watch" person--I scan the magazines, internet, etc. to spot the upcoming color/pattern/etc. trends.

And my volunteer position is at a local bookstore. It's a teeny, weeny storefront crammed with English books in the heart of the expat neighborhood. The owner can't afford to hire any help, so I go in for a few hours every week and help him sort through his books and find a place to shelve them. I LOVE to organize stuff, so it keeps me happy, and I get to choose a book to take home every week. That makes my book-worm husband very happy.

So that's how I've been spending my time lately. It's nice to be busy and have a regular schedule again. And during my spare time I stay at home and chill with Quincy and sew curtains. I love my life.


LauraLunch said...

Hey there! I've missed your daily blogs! I'm so glad that you've found so many fun and wonderful things to do. Designing displays for a retail store was one of my favorite jobs ever. Put some pics of your new creations on your super duper website so we can all oooh and ahhhhh.

vwiese said...

You have inspired me to go part time. I am telling my boss today. Mmmm, Hope Brett is ok with all of this ;) Just kidding. I do love that you like part time work though. I think i would love that. I do think I could be a much better wife and friend if I was not tied down to a stressful job. Love you blog, love your pictures. Please post more ;)

Dani said...

Man... every one of those jobs sounds fabulous. ...and I agree with Laura... Post some pics!