Thursday, December 07, 2006

Prescription Conniption

The good people of Hong Kong try so hard to follow the rules. Well, some of them do. Tonight I stopped into the pharmacy around the corner because there are a few prescriptions I need to fill. I waltzed up to the friendly pharmacist at his little window and asked him if he could fill a prescription from a US doctor.

"Absolutely Not!," he said. (I no longer regarded him as a friendly pharmacist.) "All prescriptions must come from Hong Kong doctors."

Darn. How am I supposed to find a doctor? I'm sure you all think I'm a dope sometimes (no drug pun intended), but seriously folks, this city doesn't have a yellow pages. I can't just look it up. And a google search is often hit or miss. I've searched the internet for many HK shops/restaurants on Google, only to find out they have closed, or sometimes never even existed.

I questioned the not-so-friendly pharmacist about what I need to do next.

"Go to a doctor," he says.

Right. Even I can figure that one out.

And I innocently ask, "Where can I find a doctor?"

"You can find one on the street", he answered smugly.

I'm not joking. This man just told me to go find a doctor on the street. Ok, Mr. Pharmacist, I'll go do that. Punk.

So just to test my luck a little further, I poked my head into a nearby dodgy medicine-y looking shop and asked if I could get a prescription filled. All I had to do was open my mouth and he would sell me whatever I asked for. Unfortunately he didn't carry exactly what I was looking for, but if he had, I would've been all over it. It was the real deal, too. Everything on the shelves was in the proper packaging. No luck this time, but I will keep this shop in mind for the future.

Like I said at the beginning, some people in Hong Kong try so hard to follow the rules, but in a city like this, teeming with fake Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches, it's hard for an honest man to stick to his guns. Oh well, I can respect that. I still don't have what I need, so perhaps I just better buck up and do what the rule-abiding man said and quit trying to work the system. Wish me luck...I got a street doctor to find.


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Kelloh said...

yup that was a problem here too, listen a pharmacist is going to be expensive and difficult, we get everything we need through the local doctor, the office seems a little scary, more because it is like a desk and chair, not really what we are used to when going to the doctor, and it won't look clean either, but don't worry because it will be worth it, plus the medicine will be cheaper at the doctor than a store. Anyway, that is what is has been like here, I don't know about Hong Kong.

Dorothy said...

I will never complain about Walgreens again!! Although last time they gave me the wrong medicine and I had to drive all the way back there-while being miserable. They gave me a $20 gift card as a consolation prize.