Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Comes Early

Just over 2 weeks ago we got a fabulously bizarre package in the mail.

Back in Lawrence we were part of a colorful Bible study group from church. We'd meet every week for a Bible lesson followed (or intermittent) by lots of laughter and goofing off. At one point we dubbed ourselves the "Renegade Splinter Cell", figuring that at any moment we were liable to be kicked out of church if word got out about how much fun we were having. Not to mention that our conversation topics often dabbled well outside the realm of the general study topic. We always had a fabulous time and not being part of that group anymore is one of the things I miss most about Lawrence.

Our fabulously bizarre package was from this lovely bunch of folks. Jake, Amber, Chad, Kim, Beth, James, Pat, Kristin, Dillon and Cara all put their heads together back in October and each contributed a few things. (Although shipped in October, we received it in early December! The US post office ain't kidding when they say 6-8 weeks. Beth told us it was stuck in California for almost 3 weeks.) The package contained the following items:

-Mini Green Flashlight
-Chocolate Brownie Mix
-Caramel Chocolate Balls*
-Cheese Pringles*
-Bouncy Balls
-Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (makes everything tastier!)
-USA Map Puzzle
-Halloween Pumpkin Party Plates
-Halloween Pumpkin Party Napkins
-Set of 3 "Ice Cream" PlayDoh bins
-KU Koozie
-Pair of Sticky, Oozing Eyeballs
-Hair Goo for Erika
-Hair Goo for Matt
-A Pen (that used to belong to us)
-"Instant Messages from God" Book for Guys
-"Instant Messages from God" Book for Girls
-Several Misc. Ads/Newspapers/Pamphlets from Lawrence, KS
-Several Goofy Pictures of our Friends
-Matt's favorite coffee from La Prima Tazza
-Bible Study Booklet about Calvin
-Framed Picture of the entire group holding papers spelling out "WE MISS YOU!"
-Individual Letters from each person (the Best Part!)

*This item was consumed before the picture was taken

God Bless 'Em. They put huge grins on our faces. We miss them all very much!


matt said...

Um, I think there were some other chocolate items that I ate immediately, as well. And maybe some plah-doh.

amber & jake said...

FINALLY! We were so afraid things were censored somewhere along the line and some forbidden item kept it from being delivered. We had visions of postal workers enjoying the "treasures" we'd chosen just for the two of you. We're relieved that our box finally made it to the Kirkland household. As for the Messersmith household, we will sleep better tonight! Last we knew the box was stuck indefinitely in Oakland, CA!

kjl said...

SO glad the package finally made it!! We've been waiting anxiously for what seems like forever! Glad you guys enjoyed everything! :)

Dani said...

That is just the best thing ever!!!! Those people rock. Those people are rock stars.

Hmmmmm... listening to your description of the time it took to get there, however, is disturbing. There are items from me in the mail on their way to you. I hope you get them by Easter!!!

Have a fabulous holiday!! I can't wait to see pics from DnA's trip to see you in Jan!