Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Singapore Awaits

We just booked our tickets to Singapore! Our friends Kelly and Malcolm graciously invited us to join them in their annual Thanksgiving feast with their family and friends in Singapore. It's scheduled the week before the actual US Holiday, but I like mashed potatoes and gravy on any day so we're packing our bags for our first trip since moving here. Then the following week we'll get turkey-ed out with some more of our American friends here in Hong Kong. So instead of missing out completely on Thanksgiving, we're celebrating twice! Although this hardly begins to compensate for missing out the Kirkland Family Pie Night (only the biggest, bestest holiday ever!), we're still very excited to see our friends and eat lots of tasty food, not to mention being very thankful for how well we've been taken care of the last few months. We'll be sure to post lots of pictures when we get back. (Our trip is Nov 16-19, fyi.)


LauraLunch said...

Yay! Having warm mashed potatoes in your bellies will do wonders for your spirits! Sounds like a wonderful plan.

Dorothy said...

That sounds great. I wish I could go on vacation. Although our vacation this year for Thanksgiving will be staying home and not going ANYWHERE...some people may call it being hermits...but I am travelled out!!!