Monday, November 06, 2006

Junk Trip

This weekend we were invited to join in on a junk trip. A JUNK is a traditional Hong Kong boat, although the one we rented was basically a simplified houseboat. But I think the term is used broadly. Regardless, it was a really wonderful day. Now that it's fall here, the weather is about 80 F everyday and it feels great. I'm glad the summer heatwaves have passed. I sure am missing my Kansas fall weather, but I guess being able to go to the beach every weekend is a reasonable trade-off. I've never really taken a tropical vacation so this is all very new and exciting for me. Two-thirds of the Hong Kong land mass is uninhabited, and there is soooo much more to Hong Kong than it's famous urban landscape. I just had no idea how beautiful and tropical it really is here.

So on Sunday we left bright and early for Sai Kung (a neighboring Hong Kong village) and met up with a group of 20 or so. Our final destination was a beach about 30 minutes from Sai Kung, where we spent most of the day. We anchored in the harbour, swam to the beach, collected sea shells, explored, got sunburnt, got hungry, swam back for lunch, lounged around, got more sunburnt, and then went back home. Matt and I rode on the upper deck the whole way back. It felt like the kind of place you go on your honeymoon, except that you invited 20 friends along. Here are some pictures from the day:

This is some of the group making the long swim back to the boat from the beach. It's quite a work-out fighting the waves.

Enjoying the breeze and the great view from the upper deck. Made me feel like that J-Lo "Jenny from the Block" music video where she hangs out on a yacht with Ben Affleck.

Herbie the puppy gets a ride back from the beach on the surf board.

Inevitably there always a few language mis-communications. We had hired a skipper, but instead got a stripper. I guess that's what some people might refer to as a win-win situation.

This was near the end of the afternoon when we were thoroughly sun-kissed and sandy. I'm still picking sand out of my ears. Where does it all come from?

So now that you are all completely jealous of us because it's chilly where you live, consider it as extra incentive to come visit us. It's even warm here in January! Miss you all so much!


amber said...

In my mind it's a toss-up...either J-Lo or a Pantene commercial. As usual, your red hair looks gorgeous, Erika!

Looks like a really fun day!

LauraLunch said...

Wow. What a life you two are living! I AM jealous and it IS cold. :-/ You guys look beautiful. We miss you, too!

kjl said...

Ok, you weren't serious about accidentally getting a stripper, were you? Either way, the Speedo was a little scary. The rest of the trip looks loads of fun! I'm very jealous!

Crabby Rangoon said...


Yeah, not really a stripper. But speedos are all the rage here. The tinier the better. It's gross.