Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just like being at your Neighborhood Applebee’s

This is the start of week 3 here in HK, and I’ve just had an Applebee’s moment. You know those Applebee's commercials that show everyone all friendly and happy and knowing everyone who walks through the door? [Ooh, and then they show those tasty looking baby-back ribs, and they start singing that song, and we all feel happy and hungry...] Well, it's true. Everytime I'm at an Applebee's anywhere, inevitably, someone I know walks through the door. So, everytime I'm at a restaurant and I see someone I know, I call that an "Applebee's moment."

This leads me to my point. I wasn't at an Applebee's, but I was at a Pacific Coffee Company shop in my neighborhood, and lo and behold, someone I knew walked in (and it wasn't my husband). I made a friend at an art gallery show (see previous post) and we've met up a few times. Anyway, she was on her lunch break and stopped in for some coffee. I can't believe I've been here less than a month and I've already had an Applebee's moment. I love this town.

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