Monday, January 14, 2008

Door-to-Door Lies

So I just told a door-to-door salesman that I didn't want to buy any magazine subscriptions tonight because I was trying to cut down on my paper consumption and I read blogs instead of magazines now. That's not completely the truth, as I have 3 shiny new magazines sitting on my coffee table as I write, the result of a delayed flight last week. I felt bad about lying (mildly, anyway), until he told me he has done research into the matter and found that buying excessive amounts of paper products is good because for every 10 trees chopped down, 12 more are planted. I find this hard to believe.

Any thoughts?


LauraLunch said...

I think this bright lad is telling better lies than you.

Emily said...

You know, that "lie" sounds familiar. I used to work at a catalog company and they may have told us to tell people that. I don't think I ever had to use it. But we all know that if a tree is planted, in 25+ years it'll be worth as much as the one that was cut down (that is if it survives). So even if 1.2 are planted for every killed tree, it's not really that better.

On another note I once lied to a door to door guy. He asked if my mom was home and I said no. Unfortunately, he assumed (and I may have said something to make him think I'm not the head of the household) that I was the daughter. He was from the city, plotting our property. So we got something from the government letting us know that the plotter guy stopped by, talked to the daughter, Emily, and will be by next year... Randall asked me what it was all about and I just, "... blank stare... I don't know what that's about!"...