Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Latest Project

Ok, so this is LOOOONG overdue, but...

I had a baby!

Introducing Baby Felix:

Born September 27th, 2009 @ 12:20am
7lbs, 12 oz and 20.5" long

He's got my eyes and his father's ears.

Here's a quick look at the past seven weeks of his life:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Felix is just the sweetest baby boy you'll ever meet and it's been an absolute joy getting to know him over these past 7 weeks. He's super cute, eats like it's going out of style, and is a champion pooper. He's licking my arm as I type this, so that's my cue to go feed him and put him to bed. You can find out more about him at his website. I can't wait for you to meet him!


Kristin said...

Felix just looks so precious! We can't wait to meet him!

Rebecca said...

He is so adorable! Congrats! He looks like a very healthy, happy baby!

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