Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Proposition Party

Last night we hosted a "California Proposition Party" because there are so many stinkin' propositions on the ballot this year and they were a bit much to muddle through by one's self.  So each person was assigned a proposition and given 12 minutes to layout the basics, list pros/cons, and field any questions.  Overall, it was a rousing success!  I felt waaaaaay more informed afterwards and was surprised by how many issues I would've mis-judged had I just merely used the quick blurb on the ballot to decided which way to vote.  It's amazing what just a teeny-bit of digging can reveal.  For example, my prop (#10) sounded great on paper, but after checking it out I discovered it was primarily funded by 4 billionaires looking to further line thier bulging pockets.  Seriously, it's a completely ridiculous proposition.  Glad I did some research first!  It was a great lesson on staying informed and understanding the issues.  Gee whiz, I am such a grown-up it's not even funny....

I made a cake decorated (more or less) like the California state flag!

Favorite quotes of the night:

"So after all those checks and balances..."  -Mike
"You end up with the world's best boy band!"  -Chad (interrupting Mike)

"Fill up your wine glasses, its abortion time."  -Matt*

"So does 1 bid-ness days equal 1.5 regular days?"  -Chad
"Yeah--God created the world in four bid-ness days."  -Erika

"How many gigawatts is that compared to the Back to the Future car?" -Mike
"Oh, you mean jigga-whats?"  -Matt

*[This might be a classic example of "you had to be there". ]


Andi said...

this is a really great idea. and, i love your t-shirt.

kjl said...

What a great idea! I'm so glad you informed yourselves and had so much fun!!! :)