Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Friendly Men

While I was walking home from the bus stop tonight a man stopped me on the street corner and asked,

"Do you like steak?"

to which I promptly answered, "No, I'm a vegetarian," and skedaddled out of there. (I should mention that it was a dark and gloomy street corner and the man was scary-looking. Had it been a bright, sunny afternoon, I might be inclined to dig deeper into his line of questioning, being the curious soul that I am.) I was lying, of course, as I tend to be an "every-other-day" kind of vegetarian and today was definitely my day off, but I didn't care. Earlier in the day, a different man on a different, but equally scary, street corner asked if I'd go have coffee with him, to which I truthfully replied "No, I'm married" and briskly walked away. I figure a truth can negate a lie, right? Surely a little truthiness never hurt anyone.

But I've digressed. My point in recording this pointless story was to say that perhaps the aforementioned "steak man" was speaking in code and had I been the agent he was seeking, I would have responded in return with my code-answer something such as,

"Only on Tuesdays if the moon is blue."

But clearly I wasn't the secret agent he was looking for. Hope he doesn't have to stand out on that chilly street corner for too long before the correct 007 strolls by.


Jane said...

Does this post (and it was grand, by the way) mean that your computer problems have been solved and we can now expect more frequent crabby updates?!

laura said...

well, i'm glad you cleared that up about the vegetarian thing...last time i heard you talk extensively about food it was something about chicken fried steak, which i believe, YOU LOVE! but, this all leaves me puzzled...why are there so many scary street corners?

Beth said...

Laura, I, too, thought Erika, my meat-friendly mate, had gone vegetarian! Then I kept reading, looking for the explanation....ah-ha! Thank goodness I still have someone to live vicariously through in Erika ;)

Beth "Loves the smell of Buffalo wings" Mildren

amylew said...

I also know that our friend likes bacon quite a bit!