Thursday, October 18, 2007


Working full-time is sure cramping my crabby style. And it's not for a lack of stories that's keeping me from blogging, but rather the exhaustion! I'm just dog-gone tired by the time I get home every night. So lame, I know.

I think I might have to start a regular feature about all the little adventures I have on the bus. Matt and I are trying our darndest (and so far, so good) to live in the suburbs, own only 1 car, and even then rarely use it. I'm intimately learning the finer points of the SD transit system. Well, at least the route I take to get to work. And the people that ride the bus are ALWAYS fascinating. It's like getting to peek in on a really bizarre and exciting sociology experiment. I mean that in the best possible way. Yesterday an older guy started to chat with me at the bus stop and then when the bus arrived, insisted I sit near him. I generally like people and am always curious to hear their stories, so I obliged. Amid the friendly chit-chat he revealed that he originally came to Southern California in 1979 to get on a game show. He never got his 15 minutes of fame, but ended up relocating to SD permanently. He doesn't own a car, he likes to work out before eating dinner, and on and on. It's amazing what people will tell you if you just give them a listening ear. Last week two Morman evangelists became the unsuspecting victims of a homeless guy who went into a tirade regarding his own opinions about religion. My favorite bit was his theory that as global warming increased, God would slowly change days to include 25 hours a day, rather than only 24. Fascinating stuff. The bus is certain to be fodder for some interesting experiences.

And there's more...I want to tell you all about our family vacation to Santa Barbara, where we spent every day in the ocean and saw dolphins swimming just a mere 20 feet away from us (they are robots, of course, but that's beside the point). Last week I was in Kansas for my friend Jane's wedding and I had a fabulous time doing the flowers--My best work yet. And I've got lots of pictures from our apartment and neighborhood to share with you all. Oh, and yesterday I got my second haircut since starting my job and it's kind of awesome, but kind of terrible.

So much to tell, so much exhaustion. I miss you all.


LauraLunch said...

We miss you, too! Sounds like you have some interesting stories to tell. Can't wait to see pics, too.

kjl said...

I can't stop laughing...I'd forgotten about your dolphin/robot theory! I'm so sorry we missed you during your visit to Lawrence! I'm anxious to hear about the haircut--I got an awful haircut yesterday too!!! ACK!

Dorothy said...

I applaud you for taking the bus. That is something I just can't break down to do. It would probably take me about forty minutes to an hour to get to work on the bus...although it is very courageous of me to walk from the parking garage to the building I work at each day...I have been asked by at least two homeless people for money...I'm sure your count is higher than that:)

Jane said...

To all Erika's lovely readers, I have to tell you that Erika was NOT AT ALL KIDDING when she said her recent wedding flowers were her best work yet. I really can't even begin to describe how absolutely, unbelievably amazing they were. She worked SO hard and the results were more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I am forever grateful. NOW, make sure you beg her to show you pictures....the whole world needs to see those flowers!!

Crabby Rangoon said...

Oh, Jane. You flatter me. Glad I could be a part of your special day!