Friday, April 13, 2007


Matt and I are having a fantastic time on our tour of the Mid-West. I've been enjoying the unseasonably cold weather and the wide open spaces. Oh, and the fresh air is nice, too. And boy have we eaten ALOT of tasty food. We're calling it our "Fat American Food Tour." We're indulging every ridiculous food craving we encounter, knowing that soon enough we'll be back in the land of chopsticks and rice. I'm very happy to report that I got my very own Chili's Chicken Fried Steak within hours of landing on American soil. tasty. And breakfast. We've eaten ALOT of breakfast food. Eating all this food should be illegal. Those teeny-tiny airplane seats will seem even more daunting now that we've been super-sized, but it's all been worth it.

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Mike & Helen said...

Hey guys, glad you're enjoying your trip. All that food sounds delicious! We'll have to go and visit the HK equivalents when you get back - like the 24 hour breakfast place in SoHo!

Happy travels,

Mike & Helen