Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aaackkkk! Lizard Attack…

We had our first visitor, or perhaps he/she is merely our third roommate. Regardless, there is at least one lizard living in our modest little apartment with us. We first spotted him on our bathroom wall after we surprised him by turning on the lights when coming home after a late evening out. We got excited, he got excited, we ran for our camera, he ran into a hole in the wall under our sink. We all settled down after that.

One week later during a quiet evening at home, I heard Matt exclaim “LIZARD!” Somehow, our little lizard friend (or possibly his mom or cousin) found his way into Matt’s bag and nestled down inside. We then got all excited again, ran around the room for a little bit, found the camera, and promptly documented the moment (very poorly, I might add). Next we caused quite a ruckus trying to make our new lizard friend climb into a glass so we could capture him and promptly evict him. Our best laid plans went askew and after a fair bit of shrieking (mostly by me) our little houseguest ran under the carpet, up the wall, into the Venetian blinds, and disappeared into yet another hole in our bathroom wall.

No more sightings since then, but I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m avoiding taking a shower in case he is hanging around. Maybe I can stink 'em out.

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